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Liz Larios collection pieces are made by hand in California. Liz was influenced by a diverse multi cultural upbringing of  Spanish, Mexican and Mediterranean culture.She was always fascinated by the unique jewelry woman in her family often wore.  Much influenced by esoteric, cultural,religious talismans, amulets,healing crystals and minerals.  With a strong passion for art, fashion and a dramatic flair for beautiful objects, she found herself immersed in crafting anything that was put in front of her, a lifestyle of making things was born and she has never looked back.     


As an avid collector of natural curiosity's, artifacts, and talismans, Liz has always been memorized by natural findings, stones,  crystals and shells.  Her first memory of jewelry making was collecting beads at age nine and creating necklaces to sell at school.Bitten early in life by a natural entrepreneurial spirit inherited by a hardworking father, she is an accomplished interior designer enjoying a long established career which has spanned a variety of product lines, including furniture and home accessories. She takes on select interior design projects as she balances her passion for both genres with unwavering passion. 

Liz creates modern, unconventional pieces that will transcend fashion trends or fads.  She is a rebel spirit of the conventional path. influenced by natural organic stones, many borrowed from architectural, organic or geometric aesthetics from interior design. 

The collection is hand crafted of fine plated metals, semi precious stones and usual objects.          Every piece in the collection is hand crafted in her California studio with genuine and semi precious and the finest plated metals. 

The line is produced in limited edition numbers and has been represented nationally.  Select collections have been carried at fine retailers such as  Nicole Miller at the Fourm Carlsbad, Fred Segal, Free People, Cusp by Neiman Marcus, and specialty boutiques across the United States.


Contact us to inquire about custom bespoke interior or furnishing pieces. 

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